"Three stages of a child's development"

What to expect in each stage and how to guide the development; 0-7 years, 7-14 years, 14-21 years.

Learn how to recognize, teach and approach child's predominant temperament:

- Choleric Child
  - Sanguine Child
      - Melancholic Child
    - Phlegmatic Child

"12 Senses"

What are 12 child's senses and their meaning in his/her development. For example: balance is related to hearing. Understanding senses will help parents unlock child's limitations respectfully without disturbing him/her while supporting his/her good areas of functioning.

"Media influences"

Learn how media influences and impact children:
- television and video
- comics and computer games
- early intellect training


"How to resolve mental injuries"

How to resolve mental injuries in children caused by;
- rage, oppression, superficiality
- the alienation between parents
- passiveness and fear
- freedom in the range between punishment
and reward
- punishment or reward

"Function of the fairy tale in the development"

What is a function of fairy tale in the development of a child;
Fairy Tale - Spiritual food for a child
Child's drawing and it's meaning; what children draw
at different age stages

"Games in childhood and their meaning"

Games in childhood and their meaning. Bring your kids and let's learn together and have fun. This class will take place at the private farm where children will observe the farm animals and gardens.
- Games and Toys
- Finger Games
- Social Games
- Physical Games
- Puppet Show
- Small Baby Books

"Why do some children get diseases and others don't?"

Learn why some children get diseases and others don't. What are the symptoms. What to concentrate on to prevent the decease.
- skin symptoms and skin disease
- high fever and it's treatment
- difficulty breathing
- vomiting, diarrhea, constipation
- pain...
- children injection disease
- allergy
- disease prevention


Svetlana Gutman

Great class today! We had so much fun playing and learning that no one wanted to leave. Looking forward to the next class. Thank you Nina. Love finger games for kids can't wait to try it with my baby.